High Value Motor Insurance

What is it?

High Value Motor Insurance looks after your pride and joy when you need added protection. At rhg, we arrange policies that meet your needs at a competitive price. High value and prestige vehicles are highly coveted and are at greater risk of theft. We advise how to keep your premiums low by talking through security measures and garaging situations.

Who needs it?

If your car cost you more than thirty thousand pounds, then it is considered high value. It could be any type of motor vehicle, including classics, performance, imported, modified and 4x4 and includes your everyday vehicle and even the sports car you may drive on track days. High value and specialist cars can be expensive to repair, even after the smallest of accidents, so getting the right cover is a must.

What does it cover?

We arrange cover with experts in the marketplace and ensure that the cover is right for your particular vehicle(s). You’ll benefit from comprehensive cover, as well as benefits such as:

  • An agreed value for your vehicle
  • Repairs at a garage of your choice
  • Comparable courtesy vehicle
  • Home start and breakdown assistance
  • Legal expenses
  • Windscreen cover
  • European cover
  • Optional Gap Insurance
  • A multi-vehicle policy if required (with one common renewal date)

What having High Value Motor cover means to you

Your vehicles are important to you and you take pride in keeping them in good condition. Your insurance needs to reflect the value of your vehicle so that if the worst happens, you don’t lose out. There are dozens of specialist vehicle insurers, each with different cover. Your dedicated rhg Private Client Executive will make sure that your policy is perfect for you, giving you peace of mind whilst your vehicle is being driven, and when it’s not.