Here are answers to some of our most-asked questions about insurance.


Payments can be made in full by either cheque, credit or debit card or by BACS transfer. Alternatively, there are direct debit facilities available (subject to finance charges) either by the insurer or through a third party finance company we use called Close Premium Finance.

The main difference would be that a breach of condition within a policy could lead to the policy being avoided and a claim not paid, whilst a breach of a warranty would only lead to the claim not being paid.


This is essentially a promise made by the policyholder relating to the facts or to something which you agree to do throughout the life of the policy such as ensuring the intruder alarm is set every evening or that good housekeeping standards are maintained.


A condition precedent to the contract is one which states, in one form of words or another, that the policy as a whole will become void, or cover will not attach if the you as the policyholder fail to comply with the term in question. For example, a Motor Insurance policy may contain a condition that all past convictions must be disclosed at the point of inception. If such a term is not complied with, the insurance contract will become void ab initio; that is, the contract will be cancelled retrospectively and you will be deemed never to have been on cover.

Employers’ Liability cover is required by law subject to certain criteria. Please see the link below for more details or please contact us to discuss further.


Only your current broker can access your policy records with insurers. However, as long as your current insurance policy isn’t part of a scheme that is specific to that broker, policies can generally be "transferred" to another broker at any point by completing a simple 1-page Letter of Appointment. Please contact us and we can send you a template to use, it's as easy as that.

From 1st June 2017, Chancellor Philip Hammond increased the standard rate of IPT from 10% to 12%.

The higher rate (for travel insurance, some vehicle insurance as well as mechanical or electrical insurances) has remained at 20% since 2011.

We are paid for our services either by way of a fee that we agree with yourself in advance, or by commission which is paid to us by the insurer as a percentage of the premium paid by you. In some circumstances it may be a combination of the two.

Our opening hours are 9-5 Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.

rhg are very proud to have achieved Corporate Chartered status in 2013 alongside only 184 other Chartered brokers in the country. Our Chartered status demonstrates a commitment to ethical practice based around customers’ needs and requirements, ensures staff are competent and knowledgeable and provides the highest quality of service and support.

A broker is a person or company that can advise, negotiate and arrange your insurance for you. We have access to a range of markets and we will do our best to find the most suitable policy for you.

If we are unable to help we can usually send you in the right direction.

Motor Insurance

We recommend that you carry out regular licence checks for all new and existing drivers, since the government phased out the paper licences in June 2015 checks are now carried out online.

It is a legal requirement that vehicle changes are notified with 14 days. We recommend that you provide details as soon as you are aware in order we may ensure the vehicles are added to or deleted from the Motor Fleet policy.

Drivers who have serious convictions on their driving licence or disqualifications MUST be referred to insurers before allowing them to drive.

These would include any conviction code that begins with the following letters: AC, BA, DD, DR, IN, MS, TT, UT & XX and we advise that you refer any driver with 6 or more points.

Yes. All vehicle changes need to be notified and records retained for 7 years.

Yes, vehicle additions and deletions are adjusted annually.

There will be a helpline number shown on your policy documents. In the first instance, you should call that number and the claims team will help you progress your claim.


Legally you must insure your vehicle for a minimum of third party only liability cover if this vehicle is being used on the road. In addition to this, if you are an employer you must also purchase Employers Liability cover. However, there are some exceptions to this requirement.


Yes, Insurers will need to know about any changes to your property before the works begin. This includes changes to the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, loft or any other extension to the property.

Yes , all policies have a limit for the number of consecutive days that the property can be left unoccupied without referral to Insurers.

Yes, household policies generally only cover members of the family living at the property, so we must be informed of any lodgers or tenants.


Yes, there are various policies available which will cover working abroad, depending on the type of work.

No, annual policies generally cover trips from 30 to 60 days, so a separate policy would be needed for this one-off trip.

Insurers need to be updated immediately with any changes to a medical condition or medication during the period of the policy.

No, you would need to extend the policy to include winter sports – some sports/activities are automatically covered, but some need to be specifically added to the policy for an additional cost.